The next time you are out hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, or just sight seeing in Arizona country, stop for a moment and take a breath of the fresh air. Look around at the beauty before you. When a herd of animals step into a meadow or onto the road in front of you, be conscious of the fact that they are here in abundance, this is mostly due to the dreams of a few pioneers and the support of many outdoorsmen. These are your wildlife! They are predominantly supported by the sale of hunting licenses, monies from the lottery funded Heritage Fund, and through the efforts of organizations like the South Eastern Arizona Sportsmen Club. So, if viewing or photographing wildlife, or participating in hunting in general enhances your outdoor experiences....seize the opportunity and give something back. An easy way to do that is to participate in the future of Arizona's wildlife by joining the SEAZSC. Do it for your wildlife, do it for yourself, and do it for your family and grandchildren's benefit as well. Most of all do it because the future of our wildlife lies in the hands of people like you who care. Choose to make a difference!

The SEAZSC welcomes new membership from the community and surrounding areas of our State as well as any types of volunteer resources or monetary funding to support our mission.