Established in 2003

The South Eastern Arizona Sportsmen Club (SEAZSC) was established in 2003. You can also visit us at www.facebook.com/seazsc


SEAZSC currently has a membership of over 100 family and individual members. We have an annual picnic every May in which we hold Board Member elections. All members are invited to participate in our Habitat Improvement projects throughout the year and our Big Buck Benefit Fundraiser in Feb.


The SEAZSC is a 501c3 non-profit organization

Dedicated to Conservation

Dedicated to conservation of wildlife, habitat, and our natural resources.

Monthly Meetings

The club has an active Board of Directors and a membership that meets on a monthly basis.

Habitat Improvement Projects

We complete at least 5 habitat improvement projects each year. These projects are scheduled January through June that way it is out of the way of most hunting seasons, and also before it gets to hot outside. Our projects consist of installing new, or repairing existing water sources that supply much needed water to the wildlife in our area.

Hunter Education

We have a great staff of Hunter Education Instructors who educate both youth and adult students throughout the year. Dates, times, and locations of our classes can be found at the AZGFD website. You must register through the AZGFD website. We also post dates and times of our classes on our SEAZSC Facebook page.


SEAZSC helps local students by providing scholarships.